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Basketball guessing prediction

Street Basketball Course try to play outside

2022-06-23 13:04Basketball guessing prediction
Summary: Who is the most important PG of street basketballDefend and play on the outside line as much as possible. It is recommended that you try not to let the other side run at the bottom when defending the
Who is the most important PG of street basketball
Defend and play on the outside line as much as possible. It is recommended that you try not to let the other side run at the bottom when defending the other side's outside line, because running at the bottom is really difficult to prevent. When you get to the inside line, your teammates should follow you as soon as possible when they come near. Don't stay on the inside line. It is also a necessary course for growthHow to use the function of chasing the ball in street basketball
Generally, it is up to the teammates to attack or seize the point after the ball is distributed askew. If the ball is distributed on your own head, immediately press D to observe whether the opponent's inside line has jumped up. Pay special attention to that the opponent's SF can also rush to seize the ball. If you are afraid of being rushed, you can consider the second ball distribution. There is an exception, the baseline (behind the backboard) points can not be grabbedStreet basketball
Seth and his friends' meals, life, work, sleep and breathing are all related to basketball. For example, during the interview, in addition to the general procedures, they usually have a ball game with the candidate. They hope that all people working in and1 can play basketball. If not, they will provide basketball courses and teachStreet basketball teaching course video website
What course do you want
Where can I watch the video of street basketball game -12.html this is the video section of popotom street basketball, which contains many wonderful game videosHow to make a good PG in street basketball
I'll teach you the big picture. PG's job is to instigate the attack. When his teammates are in position, they should pass the ball at the first time. QS and F are not good-looking. Breakthrough ability. I haven't made a specific comparison, but I think PG is the fastest in all professions. The direct scope of this data is breakthroughStreet basketball sister's personal course how to focus on physical training tasks
The second is the overlord step. Before the major league, when the version was not changed, the overlord step was very popular and needed micro operation. However, after the version was changed, the operation was cancelled, and the overlord step could be produced in two times. There were no people to use it, but it was also very useful at critical moments; In addition to the 3-step layup, Overlord has two routines. One is static overlord, which is to hold down W and lift the basketball under the basketHow can Beijing learn street basketball
Beijing Jinbei Zhijie training room 412, Gaode office building, No. 11, North Third Ring West Road, Haidian District, Beijing 010-62974192 62979759 keywords Beijing Basketball improvement training class | Beijing Basketball learning class | Beijing Basketball improvement class | Beijing street basketball learning |Street basketball Combo
As for all SFStreet Basketball Course  try to play outside friends, LStreet Basketball Course  try to play outsideianzhao is not the course you need to learn now. It is necessary to have a clear understanding oStreet Basketball Course  try to play outsidef your own abilities and characteristics relative to the use of skills. When to go to the outside line and when to repair the board, we should first consider these. Even if a reverses the opposite g, it still costs 3 pointsHow do girls learn street basketball
I am a rookie. I didn't know much about basketball before. In fact, you should first learn some basic knowledge about basketball and then practice shooting well. We usually play basketball. There are many opportunities for empty shots, but you must first have a teammate who can feed the ball (that is, assists). You usually need to find pStreet Basketball Course  try to play outsideartners
Street Basketball Course try to play outside

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