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Street basketball man 3 of course

2022-06-23 10:03Basketball guessing prediction
Summary: How does the street basketball man g shoot 3 accuratelyOf course, my PG is 180. If it is in the early stage, the guard level is relatively low. You can step on the spot shot, 90 degrees, 45 degrees, 0
HStreet basketball man 3  of courseow does the street basketball man g shoot 3 accurately
Of course, my PG is 180. If it is in the early stage, the guard level is relatively low. You can step on the spot shot, 90 degrees, 45 degrees, 0 degrees, both sides. These points are relatively accurate. Generally, there are about 50 hits. In the case of your own SS, when you catch the ball and hear the nice pass, you can directly take the shot. YesI'm C of street basketball. I'm the man with 3 skin color and 5 beard. I have 1500 points. How to spend
If yes, go to the prop mall or skill mall to find the items that need to be purchased with coupons. IStreet basketball man 3  of coursef you are C, choose the items with added ability value. If you are C, choose the ones with blue board and bounce. If the skills are practicalHow much is the minimum ability of street basketball man C that can be seceded (high 3)
Man C I played in zone 3. In the major leagues, they are basically playing board room. Now let's talk about my personal experience. First of all, let's talk nonsense. You have to be competent. -What is the height of a male point guard in street basketball? 3 points is the most accurate
The role doesn't affect the hit. Don't listen to others' nonsense. My guard has always been 173. This attribute is the highest point of 3 abilities. Run faster and steal fiercely. Jump and body against other weaknesses. In fact, there are many anti-3 easy points for 180What's the difference between street basketball men's role 123
The appearance of the character has nothing to do with the game ~ but I found that the center with the same ability value ~ the thin one is easier to be knocked down than the fat one ~ but the thin one has good flexibility ~ that is to say, the body is more stretched when grabbing the backboard ~ it is easier to grab ~~g. if you want to be thin and small, you will feel that it is faster to run and easier to open the defense. Ha ha ha, everythingHow much ability can street basketball male pf have in 3 seconds
What do those high 1 high 2 high 3 in street basketball mean
High 3: male C needs 96 abilities, and the best jumping ability is about 51 There is only one kind of high 3 ball, that is, the ball that bounces on the left side of the basket and rises straight up. The highest ball does not appear on the screen. The ball that appears on the screen is high 4. The speed of high 3 is faster than that of high 2. This ball is the most difficult to catch, because if you do not grasp the time well, you may lose himNew figures in street basketball
Men's 2 color value lock: 17 Raymond lower version European team male center C above is all the characters on the street. Ophelia is a striker Ophelia is a striker Have rebounds, block shots, 3-point shots, 4 shooting specialties!!! Obviously, he is a small forward playeStreet basketball man 3  of courser In additionWhat is the most accurate height of a male point guard in street basketball
1.73! Because the height is the same as the ability of 1.70, of couStreet basketball man 3  of courserse, the height is high. Running and 3 points are good, so 1.73 is better! Adopted by the watchtower master! Have a nice gameStreet basketball forward male gender has three men 1 man 2 Man 3 choose which is better I play SF please
No, it depends on what you play. If you play PF, you can play the black strong one with a body under the basket. If you play SF, you can use the matching foot 2. It's a speed problem. Thank you
Street basketball man 3 of course

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