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Basketball guessing prediction

Street basketball bridging with your own

2022-06-23 10:03Basketball guessing prediction
Summary: Street basketball PG running positionWhen PF is strong, you should look at the situation. If he is in a good position and can be in double gear, you can run backwards. If he is not in a good position,
Street basketball PG running position
When PF is strong, you should look at the situation. If he is in a good position and can be in double gear, you can run backwards. If he is not in a good position, he can take the bridge and block the other side's second pass to PF. The bottom line slipping and inserting are actually to find a block. When they are misaligned with their own inside line, the inside line will help you block it. Simply put, it means running around the inside line, looking for an empty run, and he will block you. Whenever I have time
Bridge and hole games
Each group is composed of three people. The starting group holds four "rugs" and the first team member puts the "rugs" forward. The third team member constantly passes the "rugs" behind him to the first team member. The three people step on the "rugs" and advance 30 meters, with a distance of 30 meters (one basketball court wide, back and forth). It is requiredHow to face the strong double guard team in basketball match
The whole depends on scoring Power forward and center to score The small front and the organization often act as a bridge Multiple assists The key to cover the job is to cover the outside teammates who can get points from the inside Score by outside teammates The key is still the swing man you said Let him defend the opponent's score Because you said his personal skills are very goodWhy is the Raptors the only foreign team in the NBA
Promote the NBA overseas program. For a long time, as the mStreet basketball bridging  with your ownost famous basketball leaStreet basketball bridging  with your owngue in the world, NBA has been constantly changing in order to better develop. After deep cultivation in China, I began to accept the idea of overseas markets. The promotion of NBA has provided the foundation for the Raptors; Canada has always been a sports powerWhy is it that angiography shows that the heart blood vessels are 100% blocked, and you can still play basketball and jog Street basketball bridging  with your ownevery day without a stent
For patients with stable coronary heart disease, in the process of slowly clogging the blood vessels, the heart is also making its own way, making full use of its own collateral circulation vascular network. The roads are blocked and the paths intersect, so he has no typical symptoms of coronary heart disease and can play basketball every dayWhy do Street basketball bridging  with your ownNBA players wear non combat shoes in basketball matches
The reason is very simple. There must be a gap in the NBA players' contracts with those manufacturers, and then they will wear various non combat shoes to attract the attention of major media and want the manufacturers to sign big contracts for them. Or it is estimated that it is good-looking. Since someone wears it, it means that it is not a big problemExamples of sports. Actual
"Happy basketball" in the United States is derived from street basketball. It is purely an entertaining juggling game. Professional teams can't learn it at all. Because the professional team's competition adopts the international general competition rules, all behaviors must be restricted by the rules. However, to accurately abide by the basketball rules, we must emphasize the training of basic skillsHow about Zhouqi's basketball strength? What are his strengths and weaknesses
Zhou Qi is an excellent basketball player in China, but internationally, he still does not have the strength to break the wrist with international players. Zhou Qi is still very young and has the opportunity to improve himself. Zhou Qi has great advantages in height and arm span, but has great shortcomings in physical quality and basketball levelA touching story
The most moving story in the world is that Liu Gang is a robber. He has been in prison for one year. No one has ever seen him. Every once in a while, other prisoners came to visit the prison and brought all kinds of delicious foodCan people who have done heart bypass play basketball
It is suggested that friends with a history of heart disease should not fight. After all, this is a relatively intense exercise. A little carelessness will endanger life. Be careful
Street basketball bridging with your own

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