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Basketball guessing prediction

Street basketball blue about dunk in street basketball

2022-07-01 16:02Basketball guessing prediction
Summary: The problem of dunk in street basketballFor F and C, there is nothing to do with the data bounce and height, but it has nothing to do with G. as the above friends said, men need to bounce and height =
The problem of dunk in street basketball
For F and C, there is nothing to do with the data bounce and height, but it has nothing to do with G. as the above friends said, men need to bounce and height =200 women =190How to play street basketball well
Hum... Let me tell you eight! It's not easy to play well. You can't play very well the first time. You need to understand it slowly! G G is the guard. After level 15, you can choose PG (Organization) and SG (scoring). What defenders need to know is 3 points and passingCareer of street basketball
SG is 3 points high. Except for SF, the CIC is the best scorer of the team and the most important defense Street basketball blue  about dunk in street basketballof the other side! PG is the organizer of the attack of the whole team. It mainly has QE and can pass the ball directionally. PG can also be 3 points at 2v2, because it has good running and powerful passing skills! C is mainly boardWhat is the difference between basket and blue
The difference between free basketball and street basketball 2: 1. Free basketball has the shfit key to accelerate the consumption of physical strength in a short time. When it is gone, it can slowly recover. 2. Free basketball has the strength bar to choose from. 3. The strength bar can choose from. Red is the most iron and green is the most accurate. 3. Free basketball can build 5 roles and choose pfsfpgsgc5 profession at the beginning. 4. Free basketball will have 3 seconds to prepare for the startSF of street basketball
If G is big, you can carry it in. If G turns around and wants to steal, you can press F, Jay dance steps, knock him away, and you can throw a basketball. PF is not easy to play, so don't play. His defense is very strong. It's best to shoot with it. If it plays inside, you can press a to interfere with him. If you play C, try to squeeze with himSee the supplementary instructions!! Urgent
The most unforgettable moment for me is what I found in the game. The first time I was playing < Street basketball > At that time, because I was two points more than the enemy. At this time, the time was only one second. I didn't guard against him, and he threw a three-point ball in a moment. Fortunately, he was covered by his own people, otherwise he would lose. He told me that although the moment was short, you can also do things without carelessness! I was thenHow to grab the street blueboard in street basketball mobile games
Strengthen the rebound and bouncing ability, and pay attention to the landing point of the backboard
How to dunk in street basketball
The good dunk of the landlord depends on the position of the forward, and the center can dunk. Guard should look at height and bounce 1.80 to 19 to bounce 1.76 to 20 to bounce 1.73 to 21 to bounce dunk is a random dunk technique. There are three dunk methods commonly used; First, press and hold w to advance near the basketHow to play street basketball games
A breakthrough, s pass, sub ball, D throw, blue class, grab section, w interfere with defense, C change perspective skill is to buy, use points or penalties, as for skills, you have a long time to explore
How to play "street basketball" mobile game with a handle
Mobile games need to be mobile games and online games. Now the mobile phone stand-alone is no longer available. Look at the blue company, which used to be a full-time end game, now it has all switched to mobile games and online games. Besides, after that, mobile phones are becoming more and more popular, and Android is becoming more and more popular
Street basketball blue about dunk in street basketball

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