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Street basketball C dunk results overlap

2022-07-01 01:34Basketball guessing prediction
Summary: How to dunk in street basketball COne handed dunk, jump fast, I haven't done this once --!, Hehe, the action is very small, but it should be able to cover several times, and the results overlap...
How to dunk in street basketball C
One handed dunk, jump fast, I haven't done this once --!, Hehe, the action is very small, but it should be able to cover several times, and the results overlap... Cut the watermelon and squat down and jump. If you jump late, you will be hit and fly. 7. The ordinary far button f seems to jump a little slowerWhat are the good dunk skills ofStreet basketball C dunk  results overlap C in street basketball
1. Two handed slam dunk (known as small Tomahawk) is cheap. C's necessary skill 2. One handed slam dunk. The hat point is shorter and 3 cut watermelons. Many people think this is C's level 25 skill, and the action is powerful, so it's difficult to cap. According to personal experience, this skill is better than the above two. In fact, C's slam dunk is difficult to capStreet basketball, C how to dunk ~ ~/
Hehe. Want to play PF. You can buy skills at level 16 and press f to deduct. Speaking of c-deduction, I also play C. C-button blue is a skill. And you have to meet the requirements of dunking. For example, if your bounce is 20 and your height is 180, you may dunk, so you can dunk at level C1Why can't street basketball C Dali take the dunk
Because you don't have the skills of making up and dunking Street basketball C dunk  results overlapat the same time. First equip the dunk and button in the skill. Then equip in free, and press DD to make up rebounds when making up offensive rebounds with one hand. It is related to height and ability! It's easy to make up the buckle on the high board with one handStreet basketball C dunk skills
C can still grab the board and assist. Scoring is not the focus of C, and rushing to dunk and score will be disgusted by his teammates, while the opponent is laughing. If you want to dunk, you'd better get rid of your opponent and take a step from the penalty line to the rebound footStreet basketball C take the detailed skills of PF dunk, thank you
Don't be nervous, cut to the point: ordinary close deductionStreet basketball C's two handed slam dunk
First, solve the problem you raised: C's dunk is random, not as regular as PF. The two handed slam dunk is random and related to the standing position. Extra dedication: first of all, C is a profession with more singles under the basket, so there must be someone behind him (of course, ignoring the vacancy)How can C in street basketball dunk every time
This is a problem of level and experience. No one can make 90% of the deduction in front of a high level. If you want to make a deductStreet basketball C dunk  results overlapion at a low level, it is recommended to use a strong dribble first ~ it's OK to get him down without falling.. Then the fake action will be deducted by pressing d once. This is purely a problem of hand feeling. Don't blame me. In factStreet basketball C dunk  results overlap, it's useless to dunkStreet basketball C press what key can dunk
This is a random occurrence. If you have skills, you can dunk directly by pressing the skills. If you don't have skills, you need to add a ↑ key and shoot, so that you can lay up. There is a certain probability that you can dunk. If you are on the right side, you need to press ← and ↑ to lay up. Then dunk, and the left side is the oppositeStreet basketball C dunk operation skills
The dunk range of C will increase with the increase of ability value. Generally speaking, dunks are easy to occur at the position of a small step outside directly below the basket and a point in front of the overlord step. The dunk points in the three second zone vary due to individual ability values
Street basketball C dunk results overlap

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