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Street basketball initial

2022-06-30 14:03Basketball guessing prediction
Summary: What is the initial height of all characters in street basketball(personal position) when C was created, it should be 1.9 m, the small one should be 1.85 m, the big one should be 1.83 m, the organizat
What is the initial height of all characters in street basketball
(personal position) when C was created, it should be 1.9 m, the small one should be 1.85 m, the big one should be 1.83 m, the organization should be 1.73 m, and the score should be 1.76 M
Street basketball application initialization (oxoooooba) failed
: there are many factors involved in initialization failure, which may be caused by a virus, or a software conflict. The system file DLL is damaged, and the restored file is missing. WS2_ The 32.dll file is defective, there are other DirectX versions that are not compatible, the graphics card driver is not suitable, and so on.. I suggest you reinstall the system directlyWhat if the initialization of street basketball fails
Answer: better restart! It may conflict with software such as firewall. If the system prompts that CFTS initialization fails, look at your firewall settings. If the firewall does not pose a threat to your game, right-click the open mode, and then click the next point to enter the installation and passwordWhat is the initial level of creating a special role in street basketball
It depends on whether there is a character in the original number of the building owner. If there is a character above 16 in the building owner's number, you can build a special character whose level is above 11. If there is no character above 16 in the number, the character is level 1,. Just likeStreet basketball initialWhat is the initial level of a special role in street basketball
If this number has a character higher than level 15, the special character is level 11, and the wonder girl has a special package that is level 16What is the initial height of a power forward (PF) in street basketball
The male pf chooses the highest female pf chooses the shortest male size, which has Street basketball initiala stronger physical advantage than the female size. The advantage of tStreet basketball initialhe female size over the male size lies in its flexibility and speed. Even if the male size chooses the shortest, it still surpasses the female size in terms of flexibility and speed, that is, mobility. Similarly, the female size cannot surpass the male size in terms of bodyWhy is street basketball initialized and then dropped
The same is true in my family. In fact, the reason is that your CPU uses too much to keep up with the rhythm of the street. It is recommended that you turn off unnecessary computers when you play the street. Sometimes, when you are initializing, press OK to turn them off. As long as you turn them on again, there is nothing wrong. The most important thing is to have less CPUWhat is the initial level of street basketball special characters
The initial level of special characters is as follows: if your number originally has a number above level 25, the special characters created will start from level 11; Otherwise, it is the start of level 1. Except for one case, that is to buy the wonder girls' level 16 character bag, which will start from level 16 with special charactersWho is a good player in street basketball mobile games? Initial player role recommendation
The first recommended role for street basketball mobile game power forward PF is the white bear. The white bear's talent is to attack under the basket: block resistance +7%, which is suitable for Tactics: players with strong offensive and defensive abilities can play two positions: power forward and center. Conventional playing methods are more suitable, and novice players are more suitableWhy is the initialization 0xc000000ba error of street basketStreet basketball initialball
In the lower left corner, check the check box of the client or turn off 360safe. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. First, it is caused by the virus. There is no need to say how to solve this problem. You need to use anti-virus software to thoroughly check and kill the virus, and then reload and install the game. Second, it is due to the existence of firewall or anti-virus software
Street basketball initial

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