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Basketball guessing prediction

Street basketball takes PF as for other skills

2022-06-30 14:03Basketball guessing prediction
Summary: Street basketball pf takes the lead in dunking。。 Therefore, it is better to separate the cap from the body position to prevent overlap. The direction key must be added to the side of the cap befor
Street basketball pf takes the lead in dunking
。。 Therefore, it is better to separate the cap from the body position to prevent overlap. The direction key must be added to the side of the cap before it can reach the specified position. 3. as for other skills, it's better to block the cap faster and take the shot at the instant pf takes off, but pay attention to his hands and feet, and don't be cheated by fake actionsStreet basketball pf all dunk points
The normal close button jump is too fast, and the hat is lessStreet basketball takes PF  as for other skills than the forehead. If it is a little slower, it is easy to cap the abnormal skills of tStreet basketball takes PF  as for other skillshe battle axe. I can only rely on judgment to cap. Many people like to plaStreet basketball takes PF  as for other skillsy w and then press f to get the battle axe, or pick up the battle axe from the actual situation, or immediately after sweeping the floor. This one needs to jump almost at the same time to cap, rely onStreet basketball C take the detailed skills of PF dunk, thank you
Don't be nervous, cut to the point: ordinary close deductionPoints and timing of PF buckles in street basketball
Personally, I think timing and reaction are very important. Ability is almost OK. Ability affects taking chances. For example, the higher C's ability, the lower the requirement for timing. PF is very important for mastering timing. Kobe usually takes chances in seconds. The Street basketball takes PF  as for other skillsfirst time he takes chances, the second time he rises, and the third time he doesn't take chances at the highest pointHow does pf cover up in street basketball
Falseness and reality: look at the feet, feet off the ground dd~ step back: actually, it is not much different from hook. Go forward two steps, and take the shot to the left and right. This is about taking the shot. Basically speaking, it is almost the same. In fact, the most important thing is to look at the reaction, experience and Internet speed. Playing street basketball is very importantStreet basketball pf block
The block is mainly to watch the feet. When the defender's feet are raised, he immediately presses the D cap. I often use the SF cap PFThe street basketball center blocks the hat and takes various scoring methods, especially pf's
Usually left or right of the card opponent. Just at a 90 degree angle. This will not hit the opponent's back. Cover other characters basically. If cover pf's Tomahawk and flank. Just hurry up. And the location is very important. Also, if the DD bit of PF is too out. You will deviate from your goal. Basically unable to coverWho taught me how to cover and attack in street basketball
Blue board: if you have a position, you'd better knock down the opponent's C before the blue board. This is the easiest If there is no position or no collision: 1 Don't push your butt on someone else. It's easy to fall on your own 2. the low board divides the ball, and the high board rushes to the gun or divides the ball Defense: not to mention, it's about blocking, which depends on feeling and experienceHow to take pf's long shot in street basketball? For guidance, various buckles~
Because he doesn't have the body of C, you can analyze the value of a level 22 PF. Except that the bounce is above 60, the other values are below 50. The bounce of more than 60 can only play an auxiliary role in attack and defense. Therefore, the attack and defense of PF depends more on the player's experience and awareness of PF's body &\39; Close cast &\39; Cap capHow does pf risk each other in street basketball
Haha... Ask me... There are two main types of PF: side shot and early shot. Side shot is mainly for ordinary dunk. You should take off slowly. Early shot is to take off the axe and sideways. You should judge in advance. You should also be familiar with various dunk shooting methods. The probability of pf dunking is very small
Street basketball takes PF as for other skills

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