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Street basketball position how to stand

2022-06-30 07:04Basketball guessing prediction
Summary: In street basketball, how should I stand when defending G so that I won't fall back to the second A. can I be more specific as far as possibleTo defend back 2, you first need to know when you will
In street basketball, how should I stand when defending G so that I won't fall back to the second A. can I be more specific as far as possible
To defend back 2, you first need to know when you will be knocked down by back 2. There are three situations: first, you move in the opposite direction Street basketball position  how to standof the opponent's real dribble direction; Second, you move towards his body; Third, you didn't move. So, if you want not to be shaken down by back 2, you must moveWhat are the skills of street basketball mobile game PG station
Street basketball mobile game PG station, do you want to know more strategies and relevant information about street basketball mobile game PG station? The following smalStreet basketball position  how to standl series will give you a detailed answer. Players who want to know about it come here to watch! Only when the defender moves in the same direction as the attacker can he be regarded as a successful defenseStreet basketball station
You can go to a little place under the basket... A little distance away from your opponent. You don't have to go to w for your opponent's dream. Get out of the way and avoid or draw the ball back. He can also carry his back to the bottom of tStreet basketball position  how to standhe basket at most. There is no problem with a little distance and C's ability to block the cap. Look at the cap on timeStreet basketball C rebound position
The first factor is good network speed. Then you have to stand. Predict where the ball will fall. Games are delayed. When you see that the ball is still a little bit away from your hand on your screen, it is actually in your handIn street basketball, C is in the plank house, punching the board, making up the basket, standing position, and other skills
1. Bounce + rebound 2 Sharing the ball is the same as grabbing the ball It's a long distance to score. You can score the ball that can't be won if the position is not goodHow to stand for rebounding in street basketball
Be familiar with your board grabbing height: This is the most important point How to get familiar with it? Simple, medium height boards to the following boards, as long as you see the rebounds fly to the highest point and just get ready tStreet basketball position  how to stando fall, you can grab them Of course, the high board can only be snatched after falling a certain distanceWhat are the stopboards of street basketball? How to stand? How to seconds? Be more specific
Stopboard: the stopboard is the most powerful of all rebounds You should also know the stopboard method, but let me say: 1 When the basketball just touches the basket, press D or a to instantly part of the backboard or grab the hand, leaving no chance for the opponent to react 2. some rebounds can't be grabbed in seconds, and can only be scored in seconds and minutesHow to walk under the blue position of the center of street basketball
As a C, how can you let others fly over the blue button from the head. This depends on the consciousness of C. on the one hand, find a favorable point to grasp the board with the other party's c card position (like nonsense...) Secondly, when the PF goes to the baseline and the defender is broken, he should immediately make up defense. At this time, PF people will think that no air defense can make special deductionWhat are the points and positions of C in street basketball? Who can help me answer it
1. Standing and shooting under the basket. The man's standing and shooting under the basket is the best way to take risks in the whole game. There are two views. First, look at the hands, head and hat. Second, look at the foot plate. If you take a woman's number off the ground, it may be a bit deceptive to the novice. In fact, it is simpler. The woman's standing and shooting is two-stageStreet basketball C Block standing skills? Score later
Standing on the side is the best. Now in the rooms with more than 40 levels, most of them have their own PF to take the top, and then take three steps. You only need to take the DD. personally, I think you can take the layup directly. You don't need to take care of the DD. standing on the side of the PF is a good place to take the far back side of the PF
Street basketball position how to stand

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