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Street basketball strawberry

2022-06-29 13:03Basketball guessing prediction
Summary: What is the most suitable occupation for strawberries in street basketballStrawberries? This role hasn't come out yet, but it's still a pity to tell the landlord that strawberry's ability is
What is the most suitable occupation for strawberries in street basketball
Strawberries? This role hasn't come out yet, but it's still a pity to tell the landlord that strawberry's ability is the most suitable for PGs to catch the ball. It's also an inside career that can't be underestimated. PF in the three minute line to the three second zone is exactly
Street basketball strawberry
SF's current national service is recognized as hopeless, unbalanced and weaker than other professions.. Strawberry is absolutely suitable for PG.. Running, passing and dribbling are all strengthened... Upstairs. Strawberries don't enhance steals.. Alice just stepped up the tackle. Just 3 points didn't improve, but I don't think it would affectIs it better to choose strawberry or Xizhao for street basketball PG
From several perspectives, strawberries are the best choice, aStreet basketball strawberrynd strawberries are more beautiful. The stick action is too ugly. Second, the strawberry is given a rare hairstyle, which is also the reason why many people buy strawberries. Third, you should be most concerned about the ability, except that the ability of 3 points is a little less than that of Zhaoxi. Other aspects are not weak. Comprehensive considerationStreet basketball (online games) strawberry to what career
I think it should be an organization. Of course, you should make your three-point ability very high. But if the network speed is good, it should be very accurate. Strawberry is undoubtedly the fastest of all the characters. So the score can also be selected. Two and three points less is nothing. Let's forget about SF. Women can't play. PF and C are not recommendedCan street basketball female pf strawberry be 3 seconds high? How much power does it take for seconds
I haven't played street basketball for about 4 months, but according to previous knowledge, female PF can't be three seconds high. My Micah bounced the highest at 104, rebounded 86, and was only two seconds lower than the second high, and the second high rebounds of 86 were also unstableStreet basketball strawberry. So, if you want to experience the fun of the stopboardHow about strawberries for street basketball
There's nothing wrong with it. I think strawberry SF is quite good. Its advantages are obvious. Running and bouncing are all strengthened. You can see from the ability of SF. Except for CIC super high, the rest are running, bouncing and three points. You have strengthened two of them at onceWhich is the best choice for street basketball special PG strawberry Shaqi
As an old-fashioned special character, Shaqi has less freedom than strawberry, but I personally like it because Shaqi is cute. ha-ha. The disadvantage of Shaqi is that it is easy to be chased. It is very dangerous to be chased by insider C. Moreover, tStreet basketball strawberryhe accuracy depends on the technology by 3 points, which is a testStreet basketball strawberries and apples who is more suitable for playing PF for reasons and recommended height
Strawberry passing, dribbling, running and bouncing plus 2 Apple rebounds, blocks, steals and physical confrontation plus 2 pf respectively. Bouncing, rebounds, blocks and dunks / layups are mainly considered, so choose one of the two to choose apple. 177 is the height choice, and the rebounds are just a little more than 176. My advice to you is to choose apples if you look goodStreet basketball special pf Mika and strawberry which is good
Mika, straStreet basketball strawberrywberry, although also added bounce and rebounds, but less than Mika, and the confrontation is not as high as Mika!!! In fact, if you want to play the extreme game, you can choose the panda team called dragon!!! Very usefulStreet basketball Charlotte and Apple strawberry which is more beautiful
Apple is suitable for playing C and PF, Charlotte is more suitable for playing SG, and strawberry is more suitable for playing pg. Charlotte looks better from the aspect of appearance, but in terms of action, I prefer strawberries and recommend Charlotte. The clothing matching will be better
Street basketball strawberry

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