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Street basketball a

2022-06-29 05:33Basketball guessing prediction
Summary: Street basketball is not only a person, but also how to prevent others' aRun along the 3-point line with the ball, and then change the direction key +a. you can use it without 2 back. The success r
Street basketball is not only a person, but also how to prevent others' a
Run along the 3-point line with the ball, and then change the direction key +a. you can use it without 2 back. The success rate is quite highHow to play street basketball with a
First a, then W, then a quickly, but you must have super dribble skills
How can street basketball learn a person
Huang Shen, just install a back 2. Discuss the situation that there is only back 2: (1) the first time you shake a person, whether left or right, it must be aStreet basketball an ordinary forward jerk (hereinafter referred to as ordinary a) (2) the second time you shake a person, the system judges according to your first direction. Suppose you were left a for the first timeHow about street basketball a
Because you press the a key, it is called a person. Sometimes a falls when he is ready; If you don't do well, you will bump into others. If you fall, you will fall down. A person needs many factors. He needs to consider the distance from the other person to himself and the direction of the other person. It is mainly a matter of experience. He will play more naturally. I personally think that although PG dribbles fast, butStreet basketball a S . W . What are the functions of the D key
! A. When you take the ball, a is the passer-by. When the other party takes the ball, Street basketball aa is the interference of raising his hand. If you play pf or C, a is the inside dividing Ball w when grabbing the board. When you take the ball, it is the back hitting skill key, which is used in conjunction with the direction key. When the other party takes the ball, W is the defense key S. when you don't take the ball, s is the stealStreet basketball a person skills
Whether SG PG. A of course it's in 22. 33 forget it, lest others scold you. The first time, it must be an ordinary dribble. The second is by 2 But some G first dribble to the left and second dribble to the right. Notice that he is in a at this time and comes out by
How to practice street basketball a skill well
When you see other players continuously release dribbling skills, you will say that they speed up, but they are not Now I'll teach you how to use the skill of making people out continuously. In the most basic dribble cStreet basketball aut, he will shoot the ball after completing the action The ball was shot down to the groundStreet basketball what is a person, how a
Answer: a person is to break through others. Press a and add direction. It is divided into big a and small A. big a means shaking left and right. Others will arrive. And little a. Just shake left or rightHow can I get an a in street basketball
PG's connection a: first increase a (left and right a), and then connect w immediately. Pay attention not to press the direction key when pressing W, and then casually connect a, and the crossoStreet basketball aver action will be connected. SG and SF can also connect with A. personally, I think it is easier for SG and SF to install awa after James' withdrawal dribbleStreet basketball a person's skill experience experience
First of all, I don't think it's a good way to shake people. Even the strongest people can be pushed down. Especially after reaching level 26, they usually have to work as an insider or with PG (this is difficult for many people to master). It's not so easy to shake people. Some people also like to be shaken because they can break the ball and shake the ball when they have the chance
Street basketball a

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