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Basketball guessing prediction

Street basketball player Yousha

2022-06-29 04:16Basketball guessing prediction
Summary: Xia Sha's ability value of street basketballI used Howard's level 35. It is estimated that his level of ability 101 is more than 110 from 60 to 50, because he can be trained once at level 41. He
Xia Sha's ability value of street basketball
I used Howard's level 35. It is estimated that his level of ability 101 is more than 110 from 60 to 50, because he can be trained once at level 41. He is a systematic character. I don't know. It should be 100. He can grab any ball! My hope is helpful to you, hope to adopt! If the highest rebounding value is 100, HuoHow about the big shark in street basketball? The skill of big shark belongs to
Position: C center is good at: rebounding attack role attribute: basic attribute: Endurance 70, speed 2, lay up 19, lay up 469, mid-range dunk 23, dunk 720, three-point shot 7, mid-range shot 77, and basket shot 322. Antagonism attribute: interception 6, antagonism 400, backboard 360, interference 20, snatch 90Shaqi of street basketball
It may be that someone interferes with you when you are pitching. Try to close to the three-point line when you are pitching an open three-point shot. If you are not guarded in front of you when you are pitching a three-point shot and you are still in an open position, you don't score, and the second and tStreet basketball player Youshahird are the same, then I suggest you play an auxiliary skill at this time and throw a three-point shot if necessaryIntroduction to the five cool skills of street basketball mobile games
Then use the perfect outbreak of the player's footstep strength to directly take off and dunk! Let the opponent and the audience gape. As the Top1 of this skill show, the coherent realization of a series of actions in the video is the best affirmation of the freedom of the mobile game operating system of street basketballWhat is the best occupation for street basketball players? Introduction to the choice of the strongest occupation
Introduction to the strongest professional choice of street basketball mobile games -- the center of the interior player, also known as the God of the restricted area, has a very strong ability to play under the basket, and is proficient in gun rebounds and blocking defense. An excellent center can grab most of the rebounds, and then pass the ball to the players who are in an empty positionHow to establish street basketball chess
After logging into the street basketball, enter the "select people" interface, and click the "create people" option at the bottom. Then select the "special people" (there are 6800 points in your account) to select the team. Saki is the "Yokohama chocolate sweethearts" to select this teamWhat is the difference between street basketball and street basketball
Different companies and different IP street basketball mobile games are jointly created and launched by zhangqu and South Korea Joycity company (street basketball end game R & D company). The street basket tour is jointly produced by Tianyou and giant and independently developed and launchedStreet basketball mobile game SG role which is more powerful SG player chooses to push
Alice likes to play SG point guard in the street basketball tour. Players enjoy the sense of accomplishment of beinStreet basketball player Youshag a scoring machine. There are many SG roles in street basketball mobile games, so which one is the most powerful? Xiaobian brings you the SG role introduction! Tangtangtang's talent is Scud: movement speed +20%What is the role of street basketball hand games? Recommended by various professions
Center: Huang Street basketball player YoushaShu's ability is very strong. In this deletion test, Huang Shu's rebounding ability is very strong, and the second attack after mastering the rebounds is basically unstoppable. Power forward: as one of the roles that must be given off at the beginning, the white bear in power forward is undoubtedly the most cost-effectiveWhicStreet basketball player Youshah is the best position for street basketball mobile games? Strength analysis, selection and recommendation
Pf power forward: as a power forward inferior to the center, rebounding and blocking are also indispensable skills. Therefore, when there is no center in the team, the power forward is of great importance, and the burden on his shoulder will be heavy. Moreover, the power forward is still strict in his ability to pick and remove
Street basketball player Yousha

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