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Street basketball choice next key gentleman

2022-06-23 04:34Basketball guessing prediction
Summary: Analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of character selection in street basketball mobile gamesPlayers who like to play inside can choose PF to enjoy the fun of dunking! Players who like to scor
Analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of character selection in street basketball mobile games
Players who like to play inside can choose PF to enjoy the fun of dunking! Players who like to score can choose SG. The next key player is you! The most powerful role is the one that is most suitable for you! Novice players are new to this kind of games, and they are not familiar with many skills and playing methodsWhich role should I choose for street basketbStreet basketball choice  next key gentlemanall
It depends on what career you choose. Based on my years of experience in playing various roles and occupations, C chooses the one with black and fat white eyes (very attractive) or ah Wu (block the hat quickly, and you can even jump for the second time after being cheated at 1 o'clock). It's almost the same to reject the female role PF, the male role, and the number of bandage on the noseWhat is the best position for street basketball
PG and SG are both middle and outer lines. You don't like boards. Choosing G is also the right choice! PG is the organization. Its meaning is to organize Street basketball choice  next key gentlemanthe attack well, pass the ball at the right time, and give the teammates the best opportunity to attack, that is, the so-called help! SG is an attack. It is organized by others. You can run and cover by means of pick and rollWho is the best person to choose for street basketball
The defender pushed Sigmund, the most powerful and skilled G. For the forward position, PF only recommends Mika, SF, Xianyi, Ou Fei and three male special players. In C, ah Wu focuses on the hat, and Nini focuses on the punching boardHow to choose a special role in street basketball
Enter the game interface to create new characters. You can choose ordinary characters and special characters. Special characters are 68 yuan. Play C to choose ah Wu, PG Sigmund, SG Alice, PF Mika, SF Ophelia.Street basketball choice  next key gentleman Without explanation, you should choose this way
SG or PG is better for street basketball
There are a lot of PG candidates because PG is very suitable for novice players. PG has a high dribbling ability and can pick up air. That's why I choose pg. but I think it's still SG. It's fun. PG finally wants to throw 3. That is, PG's under blue attack is not as strong as SG, but SG's mid-range is also more accurate than PG, soWhat is a good role for street basketball C
Now street basketball is a world of three points. Remember one word - don't throw. As for the job transfer in the future, I personally think that the point guard (PG) is easier to get started in the current situation. Although the 3-point ability is much lower than that of the shooting guard (SG), it doesn't matter whether the 3-point ability is high or low as long as it can shake out the vacancyWhat should I choose for street basketball
First of all, you can choose according to your favorite location in reality, which is also helpful for your operation in the game. If a novice plays F, it is easier to get started. F is generally a good medium pitch player. It doesn't need to deliberately find a position. In addition, it can learn beautiful dunks. There are various attack methods. Various attack methods are better. It is more humanized after transferWhat is the best occupation for street basketball players? Introduction to the choice of the strongest occupation
Generally speaking, small forwards have very stable scoring ability, but lack the ability to quickly open the score, which is suitable for calm players. Introduction to the strongest professional choice of street basketball mobile game -- like small forward, the point guard of outside players is also an important scoring point in the teamWhat should I choose in street basketball
I have played street basketball for more than two years. Now let me give you my personal opinion. First of all, I would like to state that I never play 2v2. Now I just talk about the importance of insider profession in 3v3. Let me start with PF: in 3v3, PF is always an auxiliary profession. In 3v3, PF should cooperate with C in high-level 3v3. For example, C pf PG cStreet basketball choice  next key gentlemanombination
Street basketball choice next key gentleman

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