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Basketball guessing prediction

Street basketball Apple C

2022-06-28 15:04Basketball guessing prediction
Summary: Street basketball Apple C how many ability seconds 3Above 110About street basketball special role appleBad, PF chooses Micah, 5 rebounds higher than the same height, very cool. If C, choose ah 5 to pl
Street basketball Apple C how many ability seconds 3
Above 110
About street basketball special role apple
Bad, PF chooses Micah, 5 rebounds higher than the same height, very cool. If C, choose ah 5 to pStreet basketball Apple Clay 33, and choose Nini to play in the plank house before level 30. Guard Sigmund
The new special role of street basketball - Apple I want to play how much is the height of the center? The best is 190cm or 187cm
Because the height is also very important to the backboard in the later stage of the game. The higher the height, the easier it is to grab the high board. One of the reasons why women's rebounds are not as good as men's under the same technology is their height. In fact, if you want to play C, you'd better be ah Wu. Ability and height are all available, and it is still the best C. Apple's words are very common. It's better to choose NiniIn street basketball, can Apple C be 3 seconds high
It seems that the maximum size of Apple C is 190cm. If this is the case, there is no hope to spend three years in high school, unless you are willing to spend money to increase your rebounding ability to 104+ bounce 60. If the height is not there, even if the abilStreet basketball Apple City is the same as that of 200cm male C, you can only watch it if others can
A comparison between Apple C and ah Wu, the new role of street basketball
First of all, before answering you, I'd like to ask you a question. Why are all centers male and no female from the top 16 teams of the masters? Among the top 8 teams, all male C is the third size, that is, fat center. The reason is very simple, fat center is easy to block the buttonStreet basketball tangerine Apple Strawberry who is suitable for SF
I think strawberry F, tangerine g, apple C. Tangerine attack sharp, 3 points accurate, of course you play 33sf only throw 3 can try. Apple has high defensive ability, which is suitable for C. Strawberries bounce prominently, PF is far from the button, so it is not explainedI have a level 17 special role in street basketball. What skills do Apple channel c.16-25 generally need to be able to mix
It can be said that if the technology is good, you can not wear clothes, but it is more comfortable to wear clothes. As for the required skills, I think the card position is strong, empty and solid (the equipment can not be recommended for catching the risk). Other skills are optional except those that were available at the beginningStreet basketball female C special role mantis, Nini or apple which is better
Mantis is is equivalent to the female version of ah Wu. Nini is short in body and arStreet basketball Apple Cms and has poor ability to block hats. She is not the mainstream. Apple has better ability and is more suitable for playing center. It is recommended to choose apples to match clothesStreet basketball apple and Nini that are more worth buying? There is a level 45 a-5. Now I want to practice a female c
You can go and see the apple. The new apple is completely suitable for practicing C. I don't understand that some people Street basketball Apple Cstill practice G? Just to look good? Money ~ did you not see her ability when you bought it? Rebounds and blocks are higher than that of a Wu ~ this is a female C that FS has launched to compete with male CStreet basketball Apple C can not be strengthened
Yes, but you should have enough fragments and essence
Street basketball Apple C

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