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Street basketball breakthrough dribble just keep running

2022-06-26 20:03Basketball guessing prediction
Summary: How to operate the skill of SF breakthrough dribble in street basketballKeep a distance of one position, and a can fall to the weak side of the defender. Basically, you don't need an a to play 3v3.
How to operate the skill of SF breakthrough dribble in street basketball
Keep a distance of oneStreet basketball breakthrough dribble  just keep running position, and a can fall to the weak side of the defeStreet basketball breakthrough dribble  just keep runningnder. Basically, you don't need an a to play 3v3. Just keep running. If your teammates don't help block, you'll get an a. Because there was no pick and roll, SF also ran out of space at the early stageHow to use dribble breakthrough in street basketball? I can't use it according to the instructions
Don't be nervous. Many people press it indiscriminately, and there is a breakthrough dribble. You should be SF or pg. take the left as an example. You press the left a left key, three keys, and don't press too fast. If you press one key, it won't loosen. Then you loosen the left and press a at the same time, and then immediately loosen the A and press the left, and you will break throughIs it useful to break through dribble in street basketball? Is it worth buying
A very useful skill. For example, when defending the back 2, you can only wait until you shake people and then reach the place to steal or push the back 2, which hand holds the ball is to forget which side to go. But when you have a breakthrough dribble, you can hold the ball in the left hand and forget to shake the right hand. This is just an example. This skill has many uses. If you are an SG, you can also dribble backBreakthrough dribble of street basketball PG
Breakthrough dribble is also called "super dribble", which is a necessary skill for PG.. Cooperate with the a person sequence of G!!! The usage is the same as that of a person at ordinary times. Then introduce the usage and function of super dribble. First, I'll show you a small part of the order of g a people: 1 ←,←,←. Normal, back 2, change hands 2 ←,→,→。How to break through the dribble in street basketball
Press and hold w against the other party. After releasing W, press the left and right direction keys like a person's left and right breakthrough. Press the left and right buttons as soon as releasing W, which should be consistent. Otherwise, turn around in one direction. Hope you are satisfied
Street basketball small forward breakthrough dribble skills (super dribble) problem~~
Level 16 can be learned. You need to learn 12000 points and then 19000 points from James. The method is to use the retrStreet basketball breakthrough dribble  just keep runningeat and then press the direction key to change direction. However, it is recommended that the landlord learn DS first, because it seems that the landlord has not played street ball for too longHow does the back dribble of street basketball break through the back dribble
Press the a + direction key backward first. You can also press the a + direction key left or right + direction key firstWhat is the use of breakthrough dribbling in street basketball
Breakthrough dribble, you mean super dribble? It can move in the same direction twice at the same time. This skill is a must for pg. especially when back 2, it usually swings left and right, right and left, or directly swings left and right... And super dribble, that is, breakthrough dribbleHow to use the breakthrough dribble of the street basketball guard
Breakthrough dribble: it is a skill that can choose tStreet basketball breakthrough dribble  just keep runninghe direction of dribble. Only SF and PG have it. For example, if you use the normal a, it is left once and right once. With the breakthrough dribble, you a left and press the direction key leftStreet basketball, what should SF buy about breakthrough dribbling skills
Small forward has many skills. Please pay attention
Street basketball breakthrough dribble just keep running

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