Providing Higher Quality For Our Customers With Our Manufacturing Execution System

Always Monitoring Plastic Production. Every Cycle. Every Machine. 24/7

The production of plastic products while ensuring optimum quality is not easy. It requires quality materials and a series of processes. The need has been ongoing for a state-of-the-art technology to set the standard for manufacturing goods by injection molding. Mattec Corp., a supplier for different business processes has a monitoring system for manufacturing operations, and other related industries have introduced software in monitoring and scheduling the processes of production for a company’s goods. This software stores manufacturing information 24 hours a day, seven days a week and gives up-to-date reports with real-time information. To the uninitiated in the world of injection molding, it’s the equivalent of something like Google Analytics but tailored specifically to manufacturing.

The need for state-of-the-art software is gaining popularity among companies. This software not only helps management in monitoring the machinery to effectively produce goods but it also promotes efficiency in production and the machine’s maintenance. At Southern Indiana Plastics Inc., we are using this state-of-the-art software to further improve quality and give our customers a better product at a lower price. The software is also helping the company by cutting production planning and time.

Manufacturing Execution Software, or MES, is becoming a must for any injection molding firm. We are now able to collect our production data automatically according to our schedule without worrying about manual data collection. We are in the process of training our operators on this software, and Mattec even has a touchscreen interface for usability. We want to know about any issues immediately and with real time reporting, we can solve any issues faster. We can also make on-the-spot production changes as needed. Our goal was to get a clear picture that detailed downtime, production time, quality, cycle time and scrap.

A few more Mattec MES perks for SIP Clients and Customers

  • Consistent and Automated OEE and other metrics
  • Automatic Part Qualifying and Rejection
  • Lower Scrap and Machine Downtime
  • Ensuring Production Is Always On Schedule
  • We Can Trace Processes To Every Machine Individually
  • Machine Preventative Maintenance