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Southern Indiana Plastics, Inc., is a US plastics injection molding company specializing in custom part manufacturing. We work with a wide variety of thermoplastic polymers including different propylene, nylon and polycarbonate materials. Please check out our resins and plastics list page to see a complete list.

SIP, Inc. was established in 1999. We operate a clean injection molding facility utilizing a Total Preventive Maintenance program which decreases down time and concurrently increases production load limits. We are on the foundations of on-time delivery, competitive pricing and high quality parts. We maintain constant communication with our customers and stakeholders throughout the entire injection molding process. We had a 100% on-time parts delivery record in 2015.

SIP, Inc. is more than just a reliable injection molding operation with a record of excellence, we have industry experience and expertise across multiple verticals including the automotive, consumer products and lawn and garden industry. Team member collaboration and involvement enables our company to constantly be thinking of new methods to decrease production time. We maintain an exemplary safety record for employee safety and compliance.

With these foundations we are able to build long-term profitable relationships with our customers. Please browse through our list of services below to see if your company has a need. Please reach out to us at (812)280-7474 or email us and we can design a custom solution based on your project needs.

IATF 16949 Certification ISO 16949 Certification UL Certified Supplier ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Proudly Servicing the Louisville, Cincinnati, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Nashville and St. Louis Area

Mold Services

automotive tooling and injection moulding

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Quality Parts Tooling Division Cutting Edge Processes
APQP Texturizing Assembly
PPAP Flash Repair Pad Printing
FMEA Dry Ice Cleaning Over-molding
Flow Charts Feasibility Studies Sonic Welding
UL Certified Mold Refurbishment Insert Molds
Control Plans Engineering Revisions Client Trucking
ISO 9001:2008 Preventative Services Part Separation
Single Digit PPM US and Offshore Tooling Outside Services
Product Flow Charts Fixture Fabrication Injection Molding
ISO/TS 16949:2009 Program Management Automated Packaging

Some of our products include wiring harness components such as clips, clamps, and protectors used in the assembly of Toyota and Honda vehicles including over-molding processes in the manufacture of grip assist handles. Other components include ankle braces for the consumer and health care industry and decorative and functional parts for the lawn and garden industry. Various engineered grade polymers to commodity resins are used. Insert hot-stamping services are available.

Industry Experience

Toyota Supplier

Toyota Motor Co.

Interior/Exterior Components

Lawn Equipment

Injection Molded Lawn Equipment

Zero-Turning Radius Mowers

Polypropylene Products for Furniture

Thermoplastic Consumer Products

Custom Furniture and Cabinetry

Honda Motors

Honda Motors

Class A Surfaces

No. 1 In US Plastics Wiring Harnesses

Propylene Fasteners

Clips, Clamps and Pins

Aerospace industry

Aerospace Thermoplastic

Engine Parts

Ford Automotive

Ford Motors

Structural Components

Medical Non-Clean Room Capabilities

Non-Invasive Medical Parts

Hospital Beds and Wheelchairs

Power Tool Parts Division

Power Tools

Injection Molded Impact Resistant Handles

Manufacturing Experts

Southern Indiana Thermoplastics

Custom Molder Experience

Experience With Both US Plastics Companies and Offshore Manufacturers

We are a ISO/TS 16949 and ISO/TS 9001:2008 certified supplier of custom injection molding materials. We are located near the greater Louisville, Kentucky area just over the bridge in Jeffersonville, IN. Our Duns number is 92.975.7453. We also service Indianapolis, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Nashville, Chicago and Detroit. Our press tonnage ranges from 40 to 1000 tons. We perform standard injection molding, insert and over-molding, sonic welding, pad printing and secondary assembly. We are non-union, have extremely competitive pricing, and maintain a single digit PPM. We also have just implemented the Mattec MES (Manufacturing Execution Software) to improve our quality manufacturing standards even further.

Please check our article on our manufacturing execution system to learn how we have an even higher quality rating.

Please contact us for a quote or for any questions regarding our process at (812)280-7474 or e-mail us with any questions.


  • Injection Molding

  • US Plastics Delivery Options

  • 24/7 Real Time Monitoring

  • Quality Improvement (PPAP)

  • Mattec MES

  • Increased Production

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60,000 Square Foot Facility

33 injection molding machines

  1. Three Ton Crane
  2. Ten Ton Crane
  3. Shipping Docks
  4. Receiving Docks
  5. Hi-Bay Lighting
  6. Centralized Cooling
  7. Two 24' Box Trucks

Quality Plastic Products

  1. PPAP
  2. SPC
  3. Closed-Loop Processes
  4. Micro-Vu (CMM for Precision Measuring)
  5. Force Testing Machines
  6. Melt Flow Analyzer
  7. Color Blenders
  8. Moisture Analyzers
  9. Robotics

Our injection molding cycle is generally automated. The majority of the process is carried out by machines and robotics that a sole operator can control and manage. Automation helps to reduce manufacturing expenses, as the labor overhead is significantly reduced. Not to mention being safer as well. We can pass these savings on to our clients. This type of automation also allows for making precise and accurate parts. Computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) further increase efficiency.

Injection Molding Advantages

Efficient Processes

After the molds have been created to customer specifications and the presses have been preprogrammed, the actual injection molding process itself is rather expedient. Making use of thermoplastic, over-molding, insert and other types of injection molding, this process enables more parts in less time which equals reduced production expenses and a superior product. Not to mention it's also safer for employees.

Advanced Product Stability

In plastic injection molding, SIP, Inc. can easily use fillers in the injection molding process. These fillers lessen the density of the plastic while it is being molded and also help in adding greater strength to the piece after it has been molded. In verticals where parts need to be additionally resilient, plastic injection molding has additional options that other production methods just do not offer.

Inside Our Facility

  • According to the US Plastics Trade Association, US plastics and composite materials provide more efficient engines, improved aerodynamics and reduced weight to the aerospace industry.
  • More than 2000 police officers have been saved because of protective vests made with materials produced by injection molding.
  • From, plastic injection molded materials are light in weight yet strong, and are in high demand when it comes to transportation.

southern indiana manufacturing facility

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Proudly Servicing the Louisville, Cincinnati, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Nashville and St. Louis Area

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